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Rivers of Life Church is a body of believers who love the Lord and are committed to spreading the good news of Jesus Christ. Our hearts desire is to see people’s lives changed and destinies fulfilled as they encounter a God who is loving, who is personal and who is relative to their lives today.

As pastors, we have committed ourselves to teaching God’s Word with simplicity, so that people can receive it, apply it and experience God’s power in their lives. We endeavor to encourage, inspire, and challenge you to a deeper relationship with God. Your life will never be the same!

Our Vision is to help people fulfill their God-given destiny by:



Pastors Jesse and Brigitte Brown serve as the Founders and Pastors of Rivers of Life Church. In 2004, two years after they were married, Jesse and Brigitte felt God’s call to pioneer a church with a vision to reach, restore and refresh lives by the power of God’s love.  God spoke to them and told them that He not only wanted the lost of the world to be reached, but He also wanted to reach the lost in the church: those who had been scattered because of church abuse and other negative church experiences.  

Jesse and Brigitte’s journey together began in 2000, when they started dating.  They both came from very different backgrounds and their life experiences were vastly different as well. Even so, they knew that God had united them together, and that they had a great love for God and a passion to reach the world with the Good News of Jesus Christ.
Pastor Jesse’s life journey involved growing up in poverty and included an addiction to crack cocaine for many years.  The addiction drove him to do things that brought him shame.  At one point he was spending thousands of dollars every week to support his addiction until eventually it left him homeless, hopeless, and even facing death at times.  

After going through several rehab programs and trying everything to break free, yet with no change, he cried out to God in desperation and despair.  He promised God that if He would deliver him from his drug addiction, he would serve him all the days of his life.  He was supernaturally delivered from crack cocaine in that very moment and never touched drugs again!  That’s been over 25 years ago and he has been faithfully serving God ever since.

Because of his life experiences, he has a real passion for those with addictions, the homeless and for those who others may feel do not deserve a second or third chance.  His heartbeat is to help bring people to experience the same Jesus that delivered and healed him.  As a result of his heart and passion for people, he preaches with fervency and with a transparency that reaches people from all walks of life.

Pastor Brigitte’s life journey, though different, consisted of a painful past as well.  Having grown up in a very dysfunctional home, she was a victim of many things including, incest and molestation at a very young age and domestic violence.  At the age of 11, she discovered her mother, whom she loved more than anyone, was an alcoholic.  By the time Brigitte was 20 the alcoholism had killed her mother.

Devastated, alone, and struggling with grief and guilt, Brigitte felt lost, worthless, and as if her life didn’t matter; she didn’t know where to turn.  Every night Brigitte was tormented with a spirit of guilt and grief until she cried out to God and asked Him to somehow help her.  For the next several months, everywhere she turned, there was someone telling her about Jesus.  After attending a church for several months, she went home and knelt beside her bed and prayed the prayer of salvation and asked Jesus into her heart. Instantly, she experienced an overwhelming peace, self-worth like never before, and for the first time ever, she felt like her life had purpose.  In that moment, she knew that God was calling her to preach and to help people meet this same Jesus that so radically changed her life.

Because of her journey, She has a compassion for those who have been broken by their life experiences, who feel all alone, and who are in need of healing in their spirit, soul and body. She also has a strong desire to raise up women in ministry.
She is passionate about teaching the Word of God, because she knows it was the Word of God that brought freedom to her life.  She teaches the Word of God with great simplicity so that those who hear it can understand it and apply it to their everyday lives.  

Together, Pastors Jesse and Brigitte make a dynamic team as they go about reaching, restoring and refreshing lives by the power of God’s love.  
Jesse and Brigitte reside in Lansing, MI along with their son Micah.



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